A year in Recruitment- Dominic Knowles
A Year in Recruitment.    So, having never worked in sales or even picked up a phone in a business environment before, I was fairly inexperienced for my first day at Best Recruit UK. Luckily my younger brother Ben, had a good brief with me the day before my start date. But even this couldn’t prepare me for my first phone call.    I had an induction crammed with useful...
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10 things NOT to do on your CV.
1.Applying for a position for which you're not qualified You may see a job advertised online and think to yourself, 'Oh yes Unicorn Groomer, I like the sound of that! I think I'll apply!' However, if you haven't got the right qualifications or experience then you're probably wasting your time. Always make sure you read the job description carefully and any other additional information that may ...
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It has been a long time coming, and now our new website is live!   It feels like the last piece in our re-brand puzzle. It is the start of huge changes for Best Recruit, where the future looks very exciting! Why we decided it was time we had a little update: We have had our best year to date, and things are set to get even better.  Our old website was never used to its potential, an...
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